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How to beat that Summer Slide?

A recent study by a Johns Hopkins University professor shows that children who read regularly and participate in enriching activities during summer are less likely to experience “summer slide,” a loss of skills that can occur during summer break. According to the study, children who experience summer slide fall behind their peers in school. Compounded year […]

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Parenting Your School Age Child

  Parenting Your School Age Child Children ages 6 to 12 go through big changes. As they spend more time at school and away from home, they are working to develop an identity of their own. Their bodies are growing stronger and changing quickly, a process that will continue through puberty and the teen years. […]

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Bullying Tips for Parents

BULLYING TIPS FOR PARENTS Focus on your child; be supportive and gather information about the bullying. Never tell your child to ignore the bullying.  Trying to ignore bullying often allows it to become more serious. Do not blame your child for being bullied.   Do not assume that your child did something to trigger the bullying.  […]

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