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R U Ready to offer Star Quality Education?

chesapeake kindergarten readiness team

A Quality Rating and Improvement System or QRIS, is a voluntary system that measures quality in early education settings.

The QRIS system that the Commonwealth of Virginia uses is called the Virginia Star Quality Initiative or VSQI.

VSQI was created to provide a consistent way to distinguish the level of quality in early education programs, allowing families to make more informed choices and allowing child care providers a way to improve the quality of their services.

Some quick facts about QRIS in Virginia:

  • VSQI awards a star rating, from 1 to 5 stars, to participating child care providers, preschools and family home providers.
  • Each star represents a level of quality above and beyond basic licensing standards set forth by the Virginia Department of Social Services.
  • QRIS in Virginia measures four key indicators of quality:
    • Education, qualifications and training of staff
    • Teacher-child interactions
    • Class structure
    • Classroom environment and instruction

VSQI/QRIS Participating Chesapeake Child Care Centers

VSQI/QRIS Participating Chesapeake Family Home Providers

  • LaShell Wingfield
  • Bristel White
  • Brenda Wallace
  • Rosa Anderson
  • Sandy’s TenderCare
  • Tiny World Childcare
  • Serena Mann
CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO: Virginia Star Quality Initiative, Eastern Region

SBDC early education business mentorship program

SBDC Chesapeake School Graduation

As our early education settings continue to increase their quality of care, we would be amiss to not remember the unique challenges of running a child care center as a business.  Chesapeake, R U Ready? has partnered with the Hampton Roads Small Business Development Center to assist Chesapeake early education providers obtain necessary management tools to improve the profitability of childcare centers.  This program is designed to focus on the business management aspects of running an early education center.  Early Education Providers will be given the tools to expand their business while learning the fundamentals of small business management through two main components:

  1. Training Program –   10 training sessions in the spring of 2015 will each cover an aspect of small business management including business planning, marketing, web strategies, financial management, center best practices, record keeping, and human resource management

  2. Mentoring & One-on-one Counseling – An experienced small business consultant will offer one-on-one meetings at mutually convenient times to assist the centers in a customized business improvement plan.  Specific services provided by the consultant:

  • Business Plan Advice and Review

  • Website Design

  • Logo Design

  • Development of Center Budget

  • Financial Review

  • Computerized Accounting Software Implementation and Training

  • Strategies for Recruiting, Hiring and Keeping Good Employees

  • Customer Feedback  Mechanisms

 Cathy Curling, Centerville Baptist“The small business program has been such a fantastic opportunity for our small school. While we have always striven to provide the best early age and developmentally appropriate learning opportunities for students, we needed help with the business and marketing aspects of the program. Through our involvement with the small business mentorship, under the guidance of Lauren Small, we have seen a dramatic change in our preschool program. We have a much more effective website, a greater presence in the community and as a result have seen our enrollment increase in a very short period of time. Most of our classes are at full capacity with waiting lists. We continue to receive guests, give tours and tout the benefits of our programs.”