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Are you ready to help Middle and High School students excel?

Chesapeake Schools- High School Kids talkingThrough active community engagement, youth can take on ownership and become lifelong contributors to our local well-being.  There are many ways teens can get involved.

Mayors Ambassadors

The Mayor’s Ambassadors are middle school youth (6th,7th & 8th graders) who do not routinely receive recognition but make a difference in unique, personal ways.  They are average students who have overcome adversity, provided service to others, set a good example, and are positive role models.                                 Find out more 757-382-2258

Youth Advisory Board

Join a team of high school students who will model and encourage a positive lifestyle while advising city leadership on matters related to teens.  To become involved, teens must be nominated by a peer, school counselors or Chesapeake R U Ready coalition member.  INFO:757-382-2258


 Want to learn more about how your actions now could affect your future?

Virginia Teens and the Law is a law-related program that teaches students and parents about Virginia’s laws and consequences of violating the law.  Individual parent and student sessions will be conducted by local law enforcement officers.  INFO: 757-382-8182.

 S.H.E.L.L. (Safe, Healthy, Ethical, Lifelong Lessons) Classes

This is a three part series of classes that offers information on the following:

Empowerment – will give teens the tools needed to do the right thing and make good, conscious decisions.

Drugs and Alcohol – will discuss the facts about drugs and alcohol and their effects on the developing adolescent brain and body.

Healthy Dating – discusses dating as it pertains to teens. MORE INFO:757-382-8182

Others ways to get involved:

Take a look at this awesome video from the first ever Chesapeake Mechanics Camp sponsored by Department of Human Services, Division of Community Programs with the help of local volunteers.

 Additional resources for parents of teens

Substance Abuse:

Info on talking to child about drug use:


Internet/TV Safety:

Coping/Social Skills in Middle School:

When your child has trouble in coping

Preparing for High School:

A parent’s guide to surviving teen years:

Behavior in adolescence

Other Resources:

 Cool stuff for kids to do in Virginia!

 Tips for Teens about Social Media