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How to beat that Summer Slide?

A recent study by a Johns Hopkins University professor shows that children who read regularly and participate in enriching activities during summer are less likely to experience “summer slide,” a loss of skills that can occur during summer break. According to the study, children who experience summer slide fall behind their peers in school. Compounded year after year, summer slide can mean the difference between a child heading to college or dropping out of high school.

With a few trips to the library, preventing Summer Slide is easy. Victoria Strickland-Cordial, Director for Chesapeake Public Libraries, offers these tips to help your children stay on the path to success:

  •     Establish a regular reading time.

  •     Set a realistic reading goal: 20 minutes a day is enough to beat summer slide.

  •     Visit the library as part of your weekly routine.

  •     Be a model reader: make sure your child sees you reading for pleasure, too!

  •     Read together: even reading the newspaper together is beneficial.

  •     Register your child for his own library card.

  •     Let your child choose his own books to read.

  •     Show a genuine interest in what your child is reading.

Visit the library’s calendar to find free, educational (and fun) activities for your child, all summer long.

 Click here for the 2017 Summer Reading List for Chesapeake Public Schools, kindergarten through 8th grade.

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