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We need volunteers!

The City of Chesapeake relies on volunteers to help with numerous events and projects, check out the bottom of this page to find a volunteer application!


Chesapeake Youth Foundation

Chesapeake Youth Foundation, a non-profit 501 C organization, mission is to support the City of Chesapeake’s R U Ready Plan for youth and families through advocacy, education and investment. Come and find out how you can help!

Chesapeake Community Programs

As a volunteer you can choose a variety of programs that interest you from court oriented programs, to environmental programs to employment and family and community building programs. Volunteering just a few hours a week or month offers you the opportunity to make an impact with youth within our city. From advocating for early care and education, to working with troubled youth and their families, you have an opportunity to help others find positive ways to live their lives.

Chesapeake integrated behavioral healthcare

The mission of the Chesapeake Integrated Behavioral Healthcare is to provide quality mental health, mental retardation and substance abuse services to the citizens of the City of Chesapeake.

Chesapeake Youth Committee

The Chesapeake Youth Committee (CYC) was established by the Mayor in 1981 to improve services to youth in Chesapeake. The Committee has a membership of 17 City Council appointed residents with an interest or experience in youth and related issues. The CYC is part of a comprehensive network of systems serving youth and families in Chesapeake, and is coordinated through the Office of Youth Services (OYS). The mission of the CYC is to improve the well-being of youth and families in the Chesapeake community. How to apply:  Chesapeake Youth Committee Application